If we can pull off an impressive platter of Christmas cookies this week, I promise you can too! Construction deadlines, year-end planning, and ongoing projects have us here at Sanctuary…. well…. quite honestly losing our freaking minds this time of year. It’s fun and 100% necessary to enjoy a little holiday cheer, ESPECIALLY if you’re too busy. Priorities and everything, right? Give yourself a break and feel the love for a few minutes.

Here’s how it’s done – and don’t judge:

1.Bake or acquire (we acquired) a dozen of your favorite simple, round cookies. Snickerdoodles are great.

2.Warm up one pint of store-bought organic, white frosting in a small shallow bowl for 10 seconds in the microwave; stir.

3.Repeat step two until your frosting takes on a mostly liquid consistency.

4.Dip each cookie in the frosting half way and set on a a sheet of parchment or wax paper.

5.Sprinkle the frosting sides with white and/or clear sparkly sprinkles.

6.Allow about 5-10 minutes for the frosting to cool off completely and set.

7.Move the cookies to a simple white tray and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

That is all. Now go enjoy yourself a cookie and be sure to share with someone who could use a treat!



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4 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies for Really Busy People

    1. Thanks so much, Katie! I think these would be fun for your crazy crew of little little kitchen “elves!”