Sanctuary Design Winter 2020 Lookbook

Make Your House Cozy, Warm and Welcoming Sanctuary Design Winter

Reflecting on a year of dramatic highs and lows, may we all celebrate the most meaningful gifts – family, friends, good health, and freedom – by sharing laughter, tenderness, and an amazing meal or two this holiday season. Let’s treat ourselves to the restorative quality of nature, take the time to appreciate those we love, and enjoy comfort and warmth in our homes.


Welcoming Winter Home

Our Sanctuary style this season celebrates being present in the moment and making a toast to the next chapter. From our homes to yours……. Happy Holidays from Sanctuary!

Sanctuary Design Fall 2020 Lookbook


As the air grows crisp here at Sanctuary Design, we are reminded that nothing lasts forever. Nature prompts us to give thanks for the abundance of warmer seasons and to appreciate the importance of shedding the past. When we begin to spend more of our time indoors, we savor the return to familiar sensations, like the texture of a soft blanket or the scent of aromatic spices drifting out of the kitchen. The design trends of fall tend to be driven by comfort and necessity.


Fashion becomes more of a focus as we find ourselves requiring additional layers. As in our custom kitchen designs and interiors, our design elements of choice are most often a fresh take on classic, timeless style. Perhaps a piece with a bit of edge.

Something out of place that catches your eye and tells a story.

Our Sanctuary style this fall is simple, comfortable, and communicative. Sanctuary Design creates spaces that are soothing, enveloping, and interesting from every angle.



Fall Interior Design