Sanctuary Design Fall 2022 Lookbook

As leaves outside are beginning to fall from their trees, humankind must also shed the things that no longer serve a purpose. The shorter days of fall are a gentle nudge from Mother Nature to pay attention to this need. We are faced with an overload of information and opinions that can detract from our true wisdom and beliefs if we allow it. 

Set your course to the stars, and not to the light of every passing ship. 

Sanctuary Design Summer 2021 Lookbook

The sun is slowly setting on our season of re-emergence. We’re keeping our faces tilted toward the warm and restorative sky, aspiring to enjoy every small, fleeting moment: the sand between our toes, the soft breeze scented with drying grass and meals prepared outdoors, the perfume of our dearest friends.

Moving slowly, intent on lingering, and experiencing our days with the knowledge of imminent change. It’s time to indulge in casual, meaningful luxury. We’re stepping outdoors for mindful reflection on our sources of joy and love. Finding new ways to enjoy our homes and home towns. Celebrating, with no particular rationale required.

Our material choices these days nod to the permanence of nature. There’s no time to worry about trends, supply chains problems, or magazine spreads. We work with what we have, and what’s palpable. We have lives to live. Love to give.

Sanctuary can be a feeling, rather than necessarily a physical place. How we do the things we do is just as important as the results of our efforts. Why we do them? Remembering that is the key to living well.

Sanctuary Design Spring 2021 Lookbook

Spring Design 2021

Spring is a season of new beginnings, time to welcome and celebrate all that is pure, fresh and unfolding. Dewy mornings give way to glowing afternoons. Verdant sprouts of promise are emerging in our gardens and optimism is at the forefront of our minds. Health and hope are blossoming softly in anticipation of warm, sunny days.

We’ve been quietly paying attention to the many ways in which home – and the interior design industry – has forever changed. A focus on local vendors and vintage goods has opened doors to a more unique and soulful styling. As the seasons turn, we seek new and interesting ways to make life at home simple, honest and clean.

Interior designs with grounding elements such as natural scents and time-worn textures

The needs of our clients have shifted. Technology, when harnessed responsibly, makes running a household more effortless. But as we incorporate new and innovative conveniences into our designs, grounding elements such as natural scents and time-worn textures provide a healthy balance.

Our Sanctuary style for spring is effortless, soulful, responsible, and refreshing. Sanctuary Design serves our clients with a genuine respect for the elements of a home that invite health, wellbeing and enjoyment.

Sanctuary Design Winter 2020 Lookbook

Make Your House Cozy, Warm and Welcoming Sanctuary Design Winter

Reflecting on a year of dramatic highs and lows, may we all celebrate the most meaningful gifts – family, friends, good health, and freedom – by sharing laughter, tenderness, and an amazing meal or two this holiday season. Let’s treat ourselves to the restorative quality of nature, take the time to appreciate those we love, and enjoy comfort and warmth in our homes.

Welcoming Winter Home

Our Sanctuary style this season celebrates being present at the moment and making a toast to the next chapter. From our homes to yours……. Happy Holidays from Sanctuary!

Sanctuary Design Fall 2020 Lookbook

As the air grows crisp here at Sanctuary Design, we are reminded that nothing lasts forever. Nature prompts us to give thanks for the abundance of warmer seasons and to appreciate the importance of shedding the past. When we begin to spend more of our time indoors, we savor the return to familiar sensations, like the texture of a soft blanket or the scent of aromatic spices drifting out of the kitchen. The design trends of fall tend to be driven by comfort and necessity.

Fashion becomes more of a focus as we find ourselves requiring additional layers. As in our custom kitchen designs and interiors, our design elements of choice are most often a fresh take on classic, timeless style. Perhaps a piece with a bit of edge.

Something out of place that catches your eye and tells a story.

Our Sanctuary style this fall is simple, comfortable, and communicative. Sanctuary Design creates spaces that are soothing, enveloping, and interesting from every angle.

Fall Interior Design